In Memory of Paine (spinwhip) wrote in poly_la,
In Memory of Paine

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Greetings Folks

Friendly Neighborhood Poly Male at your service.

Single and loveing it (kinda) at the moment, so don't be scared. =)

Theatrical Director/Stage Manager/Actor are my primary occupations. (Yah I know I should be in NY but LA is home.)

I'm as much a native as you can be without actually being born in LA Co. Moved into LA Co. at 1 year old.

I'm a Navy Veteran with slight disability, ride a motorcycle, and write when I get the bug to do so.

I've spent more time in Black Rock Desert than any one human should have to.

And I've been Poly since the realization hit me in 97, a single long term triad that ended poorly due to an outside friends drug problem, and several relationships that simply never found another partner while they lasted. (better that they didn't in hindsight.)

Anyway I'm slowly starting to find the romantic within me that had been buried pretty far down in my soul, I recently received the pleasent backhand of "Oh my god she's amazing." realization yesterday while gazing upon an actress at the Company I work with.

Anyway thats as good an intro as I can come up with at the moment. Glad to see this community here, hope it becomes more active than it has been recently.
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