February 9th, 2008

Looking to talk to someone

I am a 26 year old graduate student at USC film school who is doing her thesis documentary on jealousy. Within this, I am looking at polyamorous relationships. In particular, I am looking at the rules that couples set before becoming polyamorous, as well as the effects it has on the relationship.

I am currently doing research and am looking for people within the area to talk to about their experiences with me off camera.

I want to state that I am not looking at this subject to be exploitative. I am hoping to explore human nature, in particular why we feel we NEED to have only one couple when few other mammals attach themselves to one partner.

If anyone is interested in speaking to me- either via email, phone or in person, whatever makes you comfortable-- I would greatly appreciate it. Please just respond to this and I'll get back to you.

Thanks so much!