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poly_la's Journal

Polyamorous Discussion Group of Los Angeles
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Discuss polyamory topics and events in the Los Angeles Area. Talk about compersion, communication...
This is a community by and for polyamorous people in the greater Los Angeles area. All sexual and gender orientations are welcome. This group will have discussions online here, and perhaps eventually have actual face-to-face discussion meetings/chats.

Of course there are already several other polyamory groups here in LA, but I'm hoping to build a group that's especially focussed around thoughtful discussion and sharing of ideas, and not particularly about parties or other flirty events. Not to say we definitely won't hold such events, but I'd like our focus to be on discussion, both online on LJ and in person. This group isn't intended to compete with the other existing groups, but to provide yet another type of interaction and list of possible events to attend. The more the merrier, right?!

Feel free to join this community if you only occasionally visit LA, or are just interested in interacting with LA polyfolk.

I mean this to be a general poly discussion group, with the idea that we're LA people (or people who visit or care about LA people) who might actually meet and discuss stuff face-to-face as well.

Some sample explanations and FAQs about polyamory can be found at http://www.polyamory.org .

My most highly recommended book on polyamory is The Ethical Slut by Easton and Liszt.

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